Top 50 Major Business Failures to Avoid (MP3)

Top 50 Major Business Failures to Avoid is a collection of crucial business failures every entrereneur MUST KNOW even before starting a business. International speaker and serial entrepreneur Michael Teoh, shares years of experience both as a business owner and from interviewing the world's top business owners and billionaires like Sir Richard Branson (founder of Virgin Group), Tan Sri Tony Fernandez (founder of Air Asia), on what works and what doesn't when launching a new business.

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It covers 50 major reasons for business failure and how to avoid them:

  • Leadership Failure
  • Lack of Unique Selling Point
  • Lack of Capital
  • Lack of Clarity
  • Ignoring the Evolution of Business
  • No succession plan
  • Mistaking Hobby to a Business - No Passion to Profit
  • Poor Management & Inability to Delegate
  • Not Mastering Sales Skills
  • Poor Pricing Strategy
  • And 40 more reasons..

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Note: This is the downloadable MP3 version. This is not the physical audio CD versions.

Michael Teoh and Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group


Michael Teoh and Tan Sri Tony Fernandez, Founder of Air Asia


Michael Teoh and Dato' Seri Marco Robinson, Founder of NAKED Group

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